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Construction Waste

That’s Rubbish can provide full service construction waste removal OR garbage bin service for you. The bin sizes range from 5 – 30 yds and can be left on site.

Are you a:

  • Home owner
  • DIY
  • Contractor
  • Project Manager

Whether it’s a demolition, renovation debris or just a minor repair you have been working on, That’s Rubbish Disposal can deal with it!

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plaster
  • Renovation waste
  • Drywall waste
  • Concrete
construction waste

Full Service – Construction Waste

We can provide a full service construction waste removal. This includes two crew members that will load the truck as long as we can get within 10 feet of the pile. The benefit of this is that since we load the truck we can separate the materials for disposal and be able to take multi material loads. Thus saving you money and time. The price is based on volume and or weight depending on the type of material you are requesting us to remove.

Self Serve – Construction Waste Bins

For larger loads we can provide a bin service for you. The bin sizes range from 5 – 30 yds and can be left on site for you to fill. New homes and demo sites use these types of disposal bins to remove all of their construction waste. As long as you have the space and are willing to load the construction waste bin. Then go for it!

Banned Materials

Mixing of certain construction materials are banned in these types of waste bins. Some restricted materials are : Drywall – Dirt – Concrete – Blown insulation – ceiling tiles – Tires – Paints or other liquids – Hazardous materials. If any of these banned materials are found in the bin, a hefty fine is applied.


Construction in Vancouver has been on a surge lately. New home construction, home repairs, full renovations, bathroom & kitchen remodeling, we have seen it all. The construction industry has gone thru some changes in the way they need to dispose of construction waste. Recycling of both metal and wood are more common now than when most companies started out.

Its not uncommon now for a hazardous waste audit. This is when a audit is done on all materials that need to be demoed and disposed of. This identifies which items need to have special disposal procedures done. One such item is Drywall. Drywall is a natural product from the earth but back before 1984 the compounds used to mud and tape the joints contained asbestos. Although the compound contained very small amounts of asbestos, when sanded, the dust partials become air born and then inhaled.

Due to these findings the City of Vancouver now asks for all drywall produced before 1984 and older to obtain a certificate from an independent lab stating that the product is free of contamination. The disposal sites that take the drywall that is newer than 1984 ask for proof of age and where the drywall is coming from. Please go to the City of Vancouver web site to see how to dispose of both contaminated and regular drywall.


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