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Mattress Removal – $120-$200 (inc. enviro. fee)

That’s Rubbish offers mattress removal and recycling. Allow us to pick up your old mattress or box spring today and we will recycle it or donate it to a local charity. If you’ve tried it, you’ve probably learned that mattress disposal is not an easy task. You can’t throw them in a dumpster or leave them on the curb. We will remove any of the following sizes:

  • Single
  • Double
  • Twin
  • Queen
  • King
  • Or Futon

* Mattresses and box springs are now banned from the landfill – let us take care of mattress removal for you.


Mattress Recycling

All sizes of mattresses and box springs can now be disposed of in a more environmental way. By taking the mattress or box spring apart, the contents can then be recycled.

  • Mattress recycling is quite simple. After removing the outer shell of the mattress to be disposed of a metal bed spring is exposed and can now be removed and recycled as metal. Then the outer shell can then be disposed of properly.
  • Box spring recycling can be done the same way depending on the inside of the box spring. The inner of the box spring is either a wood frame and metal springs or just a wood frame. Using a set of bolt cutters will help in this process. Now exposed, the wood frame can be recycled as wood and the springs as metal.

Mattress Removal Cost:

  • Our prices are among the lowest in the junk removal industry for Mattress removal at $100 – $190 (incl. enviro. fee)
  • We only use licensed recycle dumps to dispose of junk like old mattresses and box springs.
  • We do not except Bed bug mattresses to be disposed of.
  • More information at city of Vancouver’s web site under Mattress Disposal

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We would recommend this company to any of our friends. Keep up the good work Scott!!!

Kim in Dunbar


we recycle junkWe believe that all junk that can be recycled, should be recycled.
Your trash could become someone else’s treasure so we work with charities whenever possible.